Every group lesson at the Alliance Wavebreakers is led by a qualified swimming instructor, with assistance from one or more teaching assistants (many of whom are older Alliance swimmers or parents of swimmers). Up to level 3, teachers and/or teaching assistants are in the water with the swimmers. As swimmers progress, teachers move to the pool side better to oversee stroke development.

Kirsten Scott

A lifelong swimmer herself, Kirsten holds a Swim Ireland Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Aquatics. She coordinates the Wavebreakers, and this is her 3rd season coaching with Alliance ASC. 

Lisa Marks

Lisa holds a Swim Ireland Level 1 Certificate in Teaching Aquatics and has been coaching with Alliance for 3 years. 

Garry Tilbury

Garry holds a Swim Ireland Level 1 Certificate in Teaching Aquatics and has been teaching swimming for a number of years. 

DM O'Prey

A national level swimmer herself, DM is the Head Coach of Alliance ASC, and holds Swim Ireland Level 2 coaching and teaching certificates.